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Dawn of Man is a strategy game that combines elements of city builder and survival. The player assumes the role of her guardian of a prehistoric village. The guarantee of survival is the effective use of environmental elements and available technology.

Dawn of Man PC Download

Dawn of Man Free Download PC – Full Review

In Dawn of Man, the player’s task is to guide prehistoric settlements. During the game he will face all the eras that make up this period of history. The player’s task is to lead the village through all these stages and cope with the ever-changing environmental and technological aspects.

Dawn of man is not much different from the classic representatives of the genre. The player has at his disposal a certain area in which to expand his village. The map has resources that are needed for continuous development, including for locating new buildings or creating the tools necessary for survival.

The seasons play an important role in the gameplay. It depends on them the presence of food, for example, fish is easiest to get in the spring, and the fruits are most common in early summer. Also animals that are the source of many kinds of raw materials, such as skin or bones, appear in the vicinity of the settlement only when it is warm. In winter, all food sources are unavailable, and residents need additional warm clothing.

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Dawn of Man Free Download PC
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Dawn of Man Gameplay

Dawn of Man Installer File:

(PC Installer)

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Minimum system requirements

CPU:Core i3-2115C 2.0GHz
Athlon II X3 455
OS:Win 7 64
Video Card:GeForce GT 740
Radeon R5 340

How to download

  • Download the PC Installer file by clicking on the button below.
  • Unzip the file to your desktop using WinRar.
  • Run the PC Installer.exe file and click Download.
  • Follow the download instructions.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Customize language settings.
  • Start the game.
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