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Anthology of Fear is a survival horror film developed by independent Polish studio RG Crew. The release of this production was taken care of by the native company Ultimate Games.

Anthology of Fear PC Download
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Anthology of Fear PC Download – Review:

Anthology of Fear PC Download consists of three stories set in Russia. They are dedicated to characters living in different time periods, experiencing dramas and nightmares in which forces from this world are involved. The story told in the game is full of metaphors and understatements.

In Anthology of Fear PC Download, the action is shown from a first-person perspective (FPP). The gameplay is different depending on which character you are playing at the moment. During the game, we explore the presented world (we visit, among other things, a gloomy house or a forest thicket) and gradually learn its secrets, hunt or from a hunter we become an animal fighting for its life.

Anthology of Fear has three-dimensional graphics of high quality. First of all, you may like the gloomy, though full of details, environment, headed by a rich in vegetation forest.

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Game Specification

Download Size: 10 GB

Languages: EN, DE, FR, IT, PL, RU, KO, EL

Game Mode: Single Player

Platform: PC

Anthology of Fear Installer:

(PC Installer)

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Minimum system requirements

OS:Win 7 64
Video Card:GeForce GTX 970
AMD Radeon R9 390

How to download

  • Download the PC Installer file by clicking on the button below.
  • Unzip the file to your desktop using WinRar.
  • Run the PC Installer.exe file and click Download.
  • Follow the download instructions.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Customize language settings.
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