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Portal 2 PC is an original product belonging to the genre of logic games developed by Valve Software Studio. The action begins a few hundred years after the events of the first part. Our actions in the first Portal caused the awakening of dozens of personality cores. One such C-Glados.

Portal 2 PC Download

Portal 2 PC Download – Review:

Bored because of the monotony of laboratories Aperture decides to get out. To do this, shell wakes up (the heroine of the first part, still dozing in the cell, sleep) and offers a joint escape. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan, and the Duo stumble upon the sleeping artificial intelligence GLaDOS (the enemy of the first part), who for the sake of science decides to forgive us and quickly recovers known from the first part of the test.

Players Portal 2 PC Download were offered much more freedom of action than in the first part. Earlier locations made it clear that they can be done and what is not. Now times have changed. The player can change the properties of the premises, as well as use the advanced physics engine, through which the open portals work, for example, the force of attraction. For example, the suction air tube is able to pick up a turret through an open portal.

Portal 2 PC Free Download

Often found also on devices that emit laser attracting or bridges that are created from pure energy. Such elements of the environment, combined with open portals, serve to solve successive logical problems. Another important novelty is the introduction of gels that can change the surface property. Here is again an example-the transition to the orange-colored floor leads to acceleration, so we reach speeds that are not available by traditional methods. And the surfaces that we paint in blue will work like trampolines. Another novelty-reflecting objects, thanks to which you can change the trajectory of lasers.

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Game Specification

Download Size: 8 GB

Languages: EN, DE, FR, IT, PL, RU, KO, EL

Game Mode: Single Player / Multiplayer

Platform: PC

Portal 2 Installer:

(PC Installer)

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Minimum system requirements

CPU: Dual Core 2.0 (or higher)
OS:Win 7 64
Video Card:NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or higher

How to download

  • Download the PC Installer file by clicking on the button below.
  • Unzip the file to your desktop using WinRar.
  • Run the PC Installer.exe file and click Download.
  • Follow the download instructions.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Customize language settings.
  • Start the game.
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