The following rules of ReworkedGames Company that concern notifications and their removal in accordance with Digital Millenium Copyright (DMCA). The information presented below applies to all rights or trademarks as well as to the authors of intellectual properties interested in the use of this procedure and the users of the service interested in reclaiming the access to materials that were removed by accident. ReworkedGames is an Internet service provider under the Law II of Digital Millenium Copyright Act 17, U.S.C. Section 512. DMCA delivers a legal procedure thanks to which we can request each and every internet service provider to block the access to the website, where our copyrighted works appeared. This legal procedure consists of only one part:

Fulfilling the right DMCA notice:

  1. Confirm yourself as the owner of a copyrighted work or the owner of exclusive rights of the work, which, to your knowledge, were infringed or confirm the person that acts on behalf of the owner.
  2. Indicate the location of the materials that were presumably your copyrighted works by providing URL address at You are requested not to send pictures, PDF formats, or other files – just the list of ReworkedGames Internet addresses.
  3. Confirm that you “believe that the use of materials listed above are not authorized by the owner of the copyrights, its representatives, or the law”
  4. It is advisable to provide us with contact information including your full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  5. Identify the copyrighted work that you believe was infringed. If there were multiple infringed works, then provide the representative list of works.
  6. The notification should be signed with a physical signature (in a paper form) or with the use of electronic signature (in case of electronic form).

Sending a counter-notification

To make use of your DMCA rights, it is required to send the notification to the “designated agent” of ReworkedGames with the following contact information:

Please note that DMCA notifications should be directed solely to the designated (registered) ReworkedGames agents. Therefore you confirm that if you do not fulfil all the requirements required in this section, your DMCA notification may be invalid. Thank you for your understanding.