The following are reworkedgames ‘ policies for notifications and their removal in accordance with Digital Millennium Copyright (DMCA). The information below applies to all rights or trademarks, as well as intellectual property authors interested in using this procedure and service users interested in regaining access to materials that have been deleted accidentally. Reworkedgames is an internet service provider under the II Digital Millennium Copyright Act 17, USC Section 512. The DMCA provides a legal procedure through which we can request any internet service provider to block access to the website where our copyrighted works appeared. This legal procedure consists of only one part:

Completing the relevant DMCA:

  1. Confirm yourself as the owner of the copyrighted work or the owner of the exclusive rights to the work that you know has been infringed, or confirm the person who acts on behalf of the owner.
  2. Specify the location of the materials that are likely to be your copyrighted works by providing a URL to not send photos, PDFs or other files-just a list of reworkedgames web url.
  3. Confirm that “you believe that the use of the materials listed above is not authorized by the copyright owner, its representatives or the law”
  4. It is advisable to provide us with your contact details, including your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  5. Identify the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed. If there were many works violated, provide a representative list of works.
  6. The notification shall be signed by a physical signature (on paper) or by an electronic signature (in the case of an electronic form).

Sending a counterclaim

To exercise your DMCA rights, you must send a notification to the “designated agent” of ReworkedGames with the following contact information:

Please note that DMCA notifications should only be directed to designated (registered) ReworkedGames agents. Therefore, you acknowledge that if you do not comply with all of the requirements in this section, the DMCA notice may not be valid. Thank you for your understanding.

Reworked Games