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rules of survival game download

Rules of Survival PC Download

Rules of Survival PC Download is a multiplayer shooter of the battle royale type developed by NetEase Games Studio. The products were released on PC and iOS.A multiplayer shooter inspired by Playerunkno wn’s Battlegrounds, famous for its desktop consoles and computers. On extensive island struggles to survive in a hundred and twenty man fight, the […]

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Dauntless Download PC

Dauntless Download is a network role-PLAYING game authored by Phoenix Labs, founded by former employees of companies such as BioWare, Riot Games, Capcom and Blizzard. The action of production takes place in the world of destroyed Islands. As a result of an inexplicable cataclysm, the planet that once resembled Earth was destroyed, the continents exploded and […]

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Post Scriptum Games

Post Scriptum Download Free

Post Scriptum Download Free is a first-person FPS with a simulation character created by the Periscope Games studio. The game focuses on the struggle of soldiers. Post Scriptum PC Game Review: The team that created the game was created as a result of the merger of employees of two other teams. Initially, the production was […]

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destiny 2 games

Destiny 2 Forsaken Download

Destiny 2 Forsaken Download is the third addition to the game Destiny 2, which is created by Bungie Software studio game FPS combined with MMO. In addition, the task of the players is to capture eight criminals who managed to escape from the prison of elders. Destiny 2 Forsaken Game Review: Forsaken is the title […]

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SLAY-THE-SPIRE-pc version

Slay the Spire Download Free

Slay the Spire Download Free is a full game version developed by the Mega Crit team. The task in the game is to climb the title spire, for we have to defeat hordes of opponents. Slay the Spire PC Review: The computer version of Slay the Spire is a mix of card games and cRPG, […]

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Fortnite PC Download

Fortnite PC Download

Fortnite PC Download is Ready!   Fortnite PC Download is a third-person action game with a light climate, based on a free model with micropayments. The demo was created by the Epic Games studio, known primarily from several cult action games such as Gears of War or Unreal. Although the core of the game here […]

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