Resident Evil 0 HD PC Download

Resident Evil Zero HD Download is a redesigned version of Resident Evil Zero, which was originally released on the Nintendo GameCube console, and was ported to the Wii in 2008. The name has improved graphics and is a prequel of the first part of an extremely popular series. The Japanese company Capcom is responsible for the creation of this name.

Resident Evil 0 HD PC Download

Resident Evil 0 HD PC Download – Game Review

In the game you play as two characters – Rebecca chambers and Billy Coena. The first of these is a member of the division of S. T. A. R. S., which is sent to raccoon city to investigate a series of mysterious murders. The helicopter moving the heroine breaks down, however, before reaching the goal, and she herself to survive, he must join forces with a former soldier sentenced to life imprisonment through a military court for the murder of 23 people during a mission in Africa.

Resident Evil 0 HD Full Game

The gameplay is based on similar principles as in other games in the series – so we are dealing with the classic horror of survival. Unlike most games of this type, Resident Evil Zero HD, but allows you to control two characters, between which you can switch at any time to use their strengths. Watching our heroes from different points of view (the camera changes its position depending on the location in which we are), we Raccoon City, collect items, solve puzzles and fight monsters – different types of zombies. We’re also constantly discovering new twisty storylines.

Resident Evil Zero HD has an eye-pleasing, three-dimensional graphics. The biggest advantage of the lamp audiovisual works is a great atmosphere, thanks to which it is possible to keep the tension and from time to time to scare the player.

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Resident Evil 0 HD Free Download
Resident Evil 0 HD For PC Download

Resident Evil 0 HD Gameplay

Game Specification

Download Size: 23 GB

Languages: EN, DE, FR, IT, PL, RU, KO, EL

Game Mode: Single Player / Multiplayer

Platform: PC

Resident Evil 0 HD Installer:

(PC Installer)

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Minimum system requirements

CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz
AMD Athlon II X2 220
OS:Win 7 64
Video Card:AMD Radeon HD 6790
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260

How to download

  • Download the PC Installer file by clicking on the button below.
  • Unzip the file to your desktop using WinRar.
  • Run the PC Installer.exe file and click Download.
  • Follow the download instructions.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Customize language settings.
  • Start the game.
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