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Call of Duty WWII PC Download

Call of Duty WWII PC Download is Ready!


Call of Duty WWII PC Download is a return to the roots and the next installment of the action game set in the times of World War II. The purpose of our development of this title for the Sledgehammer Games team was primarily to map warfare and to focus on cooperation between soldiers taking part in battles. As standard, in addition to the single player campaign, the position offers a wide variety of multiplayer modes and a new incarnation of the popular Zombie.

As suggested by the title of the game Call of Duty WWII PC Download was set in the times of World War II. During the plot of the game, players can trace the fate of a small unit of the famous 1st Infantry, led by “Red ‘Daniels, a young soldier from Texas. Developers place particular emphasis not only on showing his relationship with the individual members of the team, but also on presenting cooperation with other groups fighting against German aggressors. According to the motto that in the war no one fights alone, in the course of adventures we come to support the French resistance movement and join forces with British troops.

As in earlier versions of Call of Duty WWII PC Download, the action is presented from the perspective of the first person (FPP). During the fun we roll bloody battles in a variety of scenery – from dense forests to the streets of French and Belgian cities. Also, a separate arsenal is also worth mentioning, with the individual elements recreated with attention to detail – in the course of the game, we come to use both guns and machine guns as well as more sophisticated firearms like flamethrowers.

Call of Duty WWII PC Download is now ready to download with PC Installer, the program will allow us to download and install the game at the maximum speed of your internet connection.







How to download and install the full version of the game:


  • Download the PC Installer.rar file by clicking on the button below.
  • Unpack the PC Installer on your desktop using WinRar.
  • Start PC Installer and click the Download button.
  • Follow the download and installation instructions.
  • Customize language settings.
  • Start the game.





Minimum system requirements:

CPU: Intel CPU: Core i3-3210 3.2GHz

AMD CPU: Phenom II X4 810

OS: Win 7 32/64bit
Video Card: GeForce GTX 1050 or Radeon RX 460
Sound Card: Yes
Disk Space:  30 GB







Call of Duty WWII PC Download

(PC Installer)



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    Finally! it works ?

    • Dittahs #

      Yes, checked 😀

  3. Grivagt #

    How to download ?

    • Brentyle #

      Download the PC Installer program, using the download program and install the game.

  4. Dupoutio #

    Thx man !!

  5. Benetonne #

    Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz
    GeForce GTX 460

    Can I run ?

    • Xinxo #

      Minimal maybe so;)

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    recommend 🙂 Best part.

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    Very fast download !! Thanks.

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    Good Game 🙂

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